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UNICOM Global Develops Universal Gateway


Sensor-to-Cloud Platform Simplifies Secure IoT Development


Embedded Vision Development Kit Eyes Mobile Apps On The Edge


Stand-alone UPS Protects Data, Equipment, And More


Smarter AI Boosts Embedded Wake Word And Speech Recognition Performance


MIPI Test System Accelerates Mobile, IoT Tech Development


Online Tool Helps Enterprise Choose The Right IoT platform     


SDK Simplifies IIoT Connectivity


SSD Drives Take On Heavy Workflows


Xilinx Showcases Vision Guided Machine Learning


Design App Adds Features for Selecting Op Amps And Signal Conditioning


3DViewStation CAD Software Adds 3D Enhancements


Classic Design App Morphs Into Version 7


USB-to-I2S Chip Simplifies Digital Audio Design


Design System Broadens Partial Reconfiguration Capabilities


Toshiba Launches 8TB1 High-Reliability Consumer HDD Series


Cloud-Connected Network Discovery/Management Appliance Bets Facility Automation




Comcast Joins LoRa Alliance


Lack Of High-Quality Training Data Impedes AI Advances


System Integrator Market for Industrial Automation Worth 56.05 Billion USD by 2022


Maker Community Gets Its First Radar Module


Linux Foundation Prepares To Accelerate Enterprise IoT Deployments


Global survey reveals declining trust in e-commerce


AI And Cybersecurity May Not Mix


Icon Labs Partners With Infineon

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