Embedded Flash Pairs 55-nm Low Power Process Technology With SONOS Flash

Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation (HLMC) and Cypress Semiconductor Corp. claim a new milestone for the combination of HLMC's 55-nanometer low-power (LP) process technology and Cypress' SONOS (Silicon Oxide Nitride Oxide Silicon) embedded Flash memory intellectual property (IP). The technology and design IP will be available for full production by HLMC customers in the second half of 2017. 

SONOS provides a competitive cell size with lower manufacturing costs, as it requires only 3 mask layers to insert it into a standard CMOS process compared with the 9 to 12 additional masks generally needed for other embedded Flash technologies. SONOS delivers intrinsically high yields and best-in-class reliability, 10 years of data retention, 200,000 program/erase endurance cycles, and robust resistance to soft errors. Cypress has demonstrated the ability to scale SONOS to 40-nm and 28-nm nodes, expediting future IP development. Learn more about HLMC online at http://www.hlmc.cn and http://www.cypress.com

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