Embedded Device Analytics App Snoops The Iot

Telchemy describes its Embiot as a compact embedded analytics application for IoT devices, sensors, and gateways. Embiot provides a comprehensive set of analytics functionality and is programmed using a high-level language. The agent technology can process multiple streams of independent or correlated data, distilling complex time varying data into a set of useful analytics.


According to its maker, Embiot is easy to use, requiring no software development expertise and taking minutes to configure. Its integrated run-time compiler allows configuration to be easily modified in the field or updated from a remote configuration server. A self-contained real-time application, It can be deployed on a wide range of gateways, devices and smart sensors, providing local analytics, making devices and sensors smarter, and sending actionable data to the Cloud.

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Embiot is approximately 100 KB in size and uses a minimal amount of memory. It understands algebra and provides a library of over 60 statistical, mathematical, logic, and advanced functions, ranging from simple logs and square roots to filters, thresholding, interpolation, fuzzy logic, and neural network functions. Internally, Embiot uses an embedded stream processing model that can handle multiple streams of data arriving at different rates, asynchronous and correlated data. For more information, visit Telchemy.


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