Embedded Browser Exploits Power Of Multi-Core Processors

Claiming to overcome HTML browser performance issues on multi-core processors, Ekioh’s Flow debuts as a multithreaded HTML browser specifically designed for multi-core processors. Promising a vastly improved user experience, Flow’s layout and animation performance is reportedly more than double the speed of other browsers on multi-core silicon. This makes it viable for powering the user interface (UI) on resource-constrained embedded consumer electronics, automotive, and industrial systems.


As processing power increases and graphical performance improves, so do expectations of fast, high quality applications. Traditional browsers have automatically benefitted from rises in processing power, but this is no longer the case. When using multi-core silicon, applications can only benefit from headline performance improvements if all the cores and the GPU can be fully used. When traditional browser technology is used, product manufacturers miss out on the full benefits of multi-core.

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Go with the Flow


Flow harnesses the combined computing power of multi-core processors to deliver layout performance that scales with the number of available cores. This is achieved by using a fine grained multithreaded architecture that aligns with the evolution path of multi-core silicon.


The browser also takes a different approach to rendering, by making full use of the GPU. Rather than painting on the CPU, Flow handles all rasterization on the GPU, which is significantly faster and has the additional benefit of freeing up the CPU. Together, with multithreaded layout, these developments provide dramatically improved HTML performance without the need for content re-authoring.


Flow adds to the company’s existing portfolio of WebKit and SVG browser technologies for the embedded marketplace. Get greater knowledge and browser enlightenment with a visit to Ekioh.


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