Electrical Calculation Software Bulks Up

Trace Software International introduces the latest version of its electrical calculation software elec calc 2018, a CAE software dedicated to the sizing of electrical installations. The company describes the application as the only one that allows users to integrate the management of high and low voltage in the same project and in compliance with international standards. The latest evolution of elec calc enables users to save design time, enhance the performance, and empower the accuracy of the calculations to provide a project as close as possible to the production conditions.


The updates include: 

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  • New management features of the schema library: by means of drag and drop and / or contextual menus, the standard plans can be arranged, prioritized and presented in various ways.
  • Improved presentation of calculated values: the calculated values have been reviewed and updated. The displayed values depend on the type of component and enable to know all the data useful to the dimensioning of the component.
  • Display of calculation results on the line diagram: a new display option enables the visualization of some results on the diagram

– Maximum short-circuit currents at the output of sources and transformer

– Maximum short circuit currents seen by a distributor and input voltage drops

– Minimum short circuit currents and voltage drops on the receivers

  • Management of discrimination tables between protection devices: these tables are supplied by the manufacturers and therefore only concern the discrimination between devices of the same manufacturer. The project configuration includes a checkbox for controlling discrimination by table. If this box is checked, the software displays an alert message on any non-selective circuit-breaker with the upstream protection.
  • Improvement of the search interface in the catalogues: addition of a filter on the range of a material, addition of 2 columns of information in the list of circuit breaker bases (nominal current and number of poles), addition of a filter to choose a valid breaking capacity either directly or by cascading.
  • New data items in the calculation report.  The following items have been added to the calculation report

–  Simplified power balance

–  Detailed power balance

– Simple list of short-circuit currents

– Detailed list of short-circuit currents

– Printing of time/current curves previously recorded in the line diagram

  • Management of cables having several methods of installation: when the method of installation of a cable varies along the path, the standard requires sizing according to the most restrictive installation mode. It is possible to define several installation modes for the same cable. The software provides the most restrictive mode end to ensure reliability of the installation.
  • Integration of new manufacturers references in the catalogues: + 6200 new references, considering manufacturers discrimination tables.
  • Customization of the calculation report: each product document can be customized in terms of quantity (choice of components) and qualitative (choice of data processed in the document – report, bill of material, curves, …). These different choices can be saved for re-editions 

You can get some hands-on experience with the application by downloading a free trial version of elec calc 2018.


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