Edison Initiates Coverage of ThinFilm

LONDON /PRNewswire/ -- Edison Investment Research, a leading international investment research firm, announces the initiation of full coverage of ThinFilm Electronics, a Norway-based company developing technology that enables printing of high-volume, low-cost disposable electronics, which will help make ubiquitous computing and the Internet of Things a reality.

Thinfilm's technology enables the production of memory using standard industrial roll-to-roll printing techniques and organic materials. The production of low-cost printed electronics compared with well-established silicon-based electronics opens up a substantial opportunity to develop low-value, high-volume applications (e.g., brand protection, sensor tags) and to accelerate the Internet of Things. Thinfilm's technology can already be used to make passive array memory, and further development is underway to expand the number of logic components that can be printed to make more complex electronic products. Thinfilm's strategy is to demonstrate what can be made by establishing in-house production capacity, before licensing the technology "copy-exact" to customers in target markets.

Thinfilm has signed several significant commercial contracts to develop products, including brand protection, smart labels, and temperature sensor tags. Production is expected to ramp from H213, with the first licensing agreements in 2014 and 70% of volume from licensing partners by 2016. Key risks include scaling production, achieving targeted production yields, the ability to access funds, and customer adoption and product roadmaps.

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