ECM and Northland-Willette Join Forces

FRANKLIN, MA & PLAINVILLE, MA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Shortly after completing the lighting retrofit at Northland-Willette Hydraulics headquarters, Steve Phillips of Energy Consumption Management (ECM) received an invitation from Northland-Willette founder and President, Jerry Willette.

"We should work together," said Willette, who opened his 20,000 sq. ft. precision manufacturing and office facility in 1984. "I've seen what you can do to save my company big money on our energy bills. You also made the whole place a brighter and safer environment. The industrial clients we serve use tremendous amounts of electricity every day. They will benefit even more."

The companies have established a partnership that will offer money-saving solutions in ECM's specialties:

  • Power Factor Optimization to reduce energy consumption and the carbon footprint of companies that use electric motors
  • Lighting Services for companies seeking to improve illumination, ensure full regulatory compliance, and reduce kilowatt-hour usage
  • Refrigeration Solutions for companies with walk-in or reach-in coolers or freezers that operate inefficiently due to excessive heat from fan motors
  • Air Conditioning Solutions for units with compressors that consume more electricity than necessary for optimal cooling

Fewer Fixtures, More Light, Lower Cost
In the Northland-Willette retrofit, outmoded fixtures were replaced with modern ones, featuring brighter lamps, custom reflectors, and motion sensors. The company's fixed-dollar cost for lighting fell by more than 50%, with wattage and kilowatt-hours also dropping sharply, as shown below. Phillips and Willette believe that the savings and improvements will be typical of their partnership's future client projects.


Item Before After Difference  
Fixtures 166 149 –11.4%
Wattage 31,968 17,216 –46.05
KWH 108,850 53,504 –50.5%
Annual$$ $18,396 $8,614 –$9,792


"Northland-Willette repairs and manufactures all types of hydraulic systems. That work takes a great deal of precision, and excellent lighting is an absolute necessity," stated Phillips, who was a cofounder of New England Energy before launching ECM in 2011. "Northland-Willette requires the best environment to produce the best results."

Willette pointed out, "This project met our objectives: substantial electricity savings, improved consistency and quality of light, and elimination of maintenance for five years. Steve's team handled everything; they even made sure the utilities' requirements for applicable rebates were approved and paid.

"Our results, and the way that the solution was implemented, on time and without disrupting our operations, convinced me that we should create this partnership. Every business pays substantial money every month for energy. We'll be helping them keep a good deal more of that money while operating a cleaner and more environmentally friendly company," Willette concluded.

About ECM
Energy Consumption Management makes energy savings simple. The company represents only top-quality, state-of-the-art products that reduce electrical consumption by as much as 50% for businesses that use any combination of motors, lighting, refrigeration, and HVAC.

About Northland Willette
Northland-Willette Hydraulics offers a complete line of industrial and mobile hydraulic repair, maintenance, and system design services. Established in 1980, the company also refurbishes, tests, and builds all types of pumps, valves, and cylinders, as well as custom rods, barrels, and tanks.

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