Dust’s SmartMesh Chosen for GE Energy Condition Monitoring System

HOUSTON /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Dust Networks, the leading supplier of standards-based wireless sensor networking products, announced that its SmartMesh wireless networking technology has been incorporated into GE Energy's Bently Nevada Essential Insight.mesh wireless machine condition monitoring system.

As a market leader for advanced machinery monitoring and diagnostics solutions for plant uptime, reliability, and efficiency, GE designed the Essential Insight.mesh solution to augment conventional hardwired monitoring and hand-held portable monitoring strategies, allowing reliable and affordable condition monitoring where conventional technology has reached its limits.

Dust Networks' wireless networking system is embedded in three components of the Essential Insight.mesh solution: the wSIM node, a wireless mesh network sensor supporting vibration and temperature analysis; the Repeater, a mesh-only node that extends network coverage; and the Manager Gateway, a gateway node that enables communication with other networks and protocols and also serves as the network manager.

"Essential Insight.mesh provides our customers with new options for monitoring machine health in locations that were previously inaccessible," said Sean Coyle, Product Line Manager, Bently Nevada Asset Condition Monitoring at GE Energy. "We chose Dust Networks' SmartMesh solution because it uniquely enables us to deliver a highly reliable system powered solely by batteries, or via energy harvested from the machinery vibration, which dramatically cuts the cost of deployment. This allows our customers to deploy more smarts precisely where they are needed, improving safety, decreasing energy consumption, and increasing the cost-effectiveness of their operations."

"Within the industrial market, there is increasing demand to constantly monitor plant assets by deploying intelligence within the plant infrastructure," said Steve Toteda, Vice President of Marketing at Dust Networks. "Dust Networks' SmartMesh wireless platform has enabled GE Energy to deliver an affordable solution that eliminates both the power and the communications wires, while maintaining the wire-like reliability required to monitor critical assets."

About Dust Networks
Dust Networks, a leader in standards-based intelligent wireless sensor networking, provides ultra-low-power, highly reliable embedded systems to OEMs in a wide range of markets. Dust Networks enables OEMs to offer monitoring and control solutions that provide unprecedented access to information from the physical world, resulting in improved operations, safer work environments, and increased competitive advantage. Dust Networks partners with industry and standards groups to ensure the broad adoption of interoperable wireless sensor networking products.

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