Dual-Head 4K IP KVM Matrix Operates Over Single Fiber

Adder Technology’s ADDERLink INFINITY 4000 Series (ALIF4000) is trumpeted as the world’s first dual-head, high performance 4K IP KVM matrix over a single fiber. Designed to meet the 4K needs of systems integrators, professional AV and digital signage professionals, it delivers pixel-perfect, color accurate video quality, audio, and USB to single or dual 4K screens, without the need to rip and replace. The ALIF4000 relies upon dual 10-Gb network ports to minimize redundancy and protect against network failure.

Also on Adder’s launching pad is the latest addition to the ADDERLink ipeps range of remote access solutions, the ADDERLink ipeps+. The ipeps+ provides smooth-motion video at speeds up to 30 fps together with 24-bit color depth over IP. For more details, visit Adder Technology.


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