DSP Development Corporation Updates WinDaq File Import Module

Newton, MA --- DSP Development Corporation and DATAQ Instruments, Inc. jointly announce an updated version of the “WinDaq File Module”. Using ActiveX technology, the “WinDaq File Module” allows users to instantly import data files acquired by DATAQ Instruments’ WinDaq recording software into DADiSP for display and technical analysis.

With a click of a button, any waveform file recorded with the WinDaq data acquisition software can be selected. The channels contained in the WinDaq (.WDQ) file are imported into DADiSP where the individual waveforms are automatically placed in a multi-channel stripchart or individual windows. Users can then take advantage of DADiSP’s ability to manipulate, edit, reduce, transform, and analyze the collected data.

The WinDaq File Module supports exporting of data series created in DADiSP to WinDaq files for real-time hardware based playback. It supports DADiSP 6.7 running under both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

Available immediately for purchase from DATAQ Instruments, Inc or DSP Development Corporation, contact either provider for pricing information:

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