Doble Engineering Company Releases Delphi Portable for Fast and Accurate Dissolved Gas Analysis in the Field

WATERTOWN, MA -- Doble Engineering Company announces the release of theDelphi Portable, a fast, accurate and reliable dissolved gas analyzer for power transformers, and the newest member of theDoble Delphi product line. The Delphi Portable offers detailed data analysis in the field, complementing the standard Delphi, which is an on-line monitor that provides a 'check engine light' approach.

For use in routine and emergency testing situations, the Delphi Portable takes dissolved gas analysis (DGA) readings in 30 minutes or less, sharing actionable information on seven key diagnostic gases and moisture in insulating oil. The new device uses patented photo-acoustic cantilever technology for accuracy and repeatability, giving electric power professionals the data they need to make effective asset maintenance and operational decisions.

"The Delphi Portable brings valuable and reliable DGA testing into the field," said Dr.Tony McGrail, solutions director, asset management and monitoring technology at Doble Engineering Company. "If your on-line DGA device issues an alarm, you can further investigate with the Delphi Portable. It will significantly improve our customers' ability to evaluate the health of transformers, and other oil-filled equipment, with near-immediate results."

The Delphi Portable identifies faults by measuring composite gas levels. The tool combines traditional DGA and Doble's unique Dissolved Gas Anomaly Indication system (DG-AI) to identify results which need further attention. Users benefit from an easy-to-operate interface within the device as well as its built in printer for hard copy results.

Additional Delphi Portable features include:

* Built-in data storage and data management * Powerful tool for use in the field or the laboratory * The ability to export data to any standard database, maintenance management system or into dobleARMS * Measurements backed by the dobleDATABASE™ of laboratory and field test results "Doble understands how important failure prevention is and what a big role early detection plays in preventing system deterioration," saidDon Angell, vice president of global strategy and solutions at Doble. "From new diagnostic tools, such as the Delphi Portable, to our laboratory services and analytical support, Doble is always looking for new ways to assist our customers in their asset management and maintenance programs."

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