Digital Temperature Sensor from Dallas Semiconductor

Digital Temperature Sensor from Dallas Semiconductor
Dallas Semiconductor

The DS75LV from Dallas Semiconductor, Dallas, TX, operates from a 1.7–3.7 V supply voltage range and provides user-selectable 9-/10-/11-/12-bit digital temperature readings over its –25°C to 100°C range. The device is factory calibrated to ±2.0°C accuracy max. over its voltage supply range and ±3.0°C max. accuracy over its –55°C to 125°C operating temperature range. Thermostat functionality with user-defined trip points can be configured to operate in comparator or interrupt mode. Low-power shutdown mode reduces current draw to <2 µA. Communication is through a standard I2C serial interface.

Contact Info

Company: Dallas Semiconductor
Phone number: 800-998-8800

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