Digital Surf and Image Metrology join forces

Besançon, France and Hørsholm, Denmark - Digital Surf, a provider of surface imaging and metrology software for microscopes and profilers, and Image Metrology, a provider of nano- and microscale image processing software, have announced that they are joining forces. Digital Surf has acquired a 100% interest in Image Metrology. Both companies will continue to operate independently under their existing management. They will share their software technologies and know-how in order to provide best in class image processing and surface metrology software to their respective partners and users.

Left to right. François Blateyron, COO of Digital Surf, Christophe Mignot, CEO of Digital Surf, Jan Friis Jørgensen, CEO of Image Metrology, and Anders van der Aa Kühle, Technical Product Manager of Image Metrology, at the signature of the agreement between the two companies.

Image Metrology will release SPIP version 6.3 in September 2014 including new software for particles and pores analysis. Digital Surf will release Mountains version 7.2 in November 2014 including new software for scanning electron microscopy. Both companies will present their new software products at the MRS Fall Exhibit in Boston, MA, USA in December on their respective booths.

In the future Digital Surf and Image Metrology will exchange their technologies in order to enhance Mountains software and SPIP software. In the longer term they will develop a common software platform for microscopes, profilometers and spectrometers that is upwards compatible with both Mountains and SPIP. Both companies will recruit additional personnel to accelerate these developments.

“Thanks to joining forces with Image Metrology, Digital Surf will be able to achieve its strategic goal of providing state of the art image processing and surface metrology software for a broad range of microscopes, profilers and spectrometers even faster,“ stated Christophe Mignot, co-founder and CEO of Digital Surf. “In the short and medium term Digital Surf’s instrument manufacturer partners and users of Mountains software will benefit from the progressive integration of SPIP technology. In the longer term they will benefit from a common platform that integrates all Mountains and SPIP software technology.”

“Likewise Image Metrology partners and users will benefit from the progressive integration of Mountains technology into SPIP in addition to cutting edge short and medium term developments in image processing that have already been planned,” stated Jan Friis Jørgensen, founder and CEO of Image Metrology. “Joining forces with Digital Surf ensures that they will profit from best in class software both in the present and in the future.”

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