Digital Pressure Sensor from Freescale

Digital Pressure Sensor from Freescale
Freescale Semiconductor

The MPL115A MEMS pressure sensor from Freescale Semiconductor, Austin, TX, has a digital output and provides high-accuracy barometric and altimetry functions in a compact package for cost-sensitive consumer and industrial applications. The 3 by 5 by 1.2 mm device combines a MEMS pressure sensor and a conditioning IC in a low-profile package. The IC contains a temperature sensor with an ADC, ROM for coefficient storage, and an I2/SPI slave interface. Absolute pressure measurement range is 50–115 kPa with 1 kPa accuracy, current consumption is 1 µA in sleep mode and 5 µA in active mode. Applications include hard disk drives, desktop weather stations, vacuum equipment, medical wound management and respiratory systems, and environmental sensing.

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Company: Freescale Semiconductor
Country: International
Phone number: 512-996-4418

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