Digi Launches Fleet Management Telematics Product Line

MINNETONKA, MN /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Digi International introduced the ConnectPort X5 family of compact, ruggedized telematics devices, with optional satellite functionality. The product family is the "industry's first family of telematics devices to incorporate cellular, satellite, global positioning system (GPS), Wi-Fi, and vehicle-area network (VAN) wireless technology in one device. Ideal for fleet management and asset tracking applications, the cost-effective ConnectPort X5 family provides remote connectivity to mobile assets via cellular or satellite networks and was developed using satellite technology gained through the recent acquisition of MobiApps.

"The versatile ConnectPort X5 family is tailored specifically for the demands of fleet management applications," said Larry Kraft, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Digi International. "Featuring both cellular and satellite functionality allows customers to switch easily from one network to another. As a vehicle moves out of cell range, it can then use satellite to maintain connectivity. The highly flexible ConnectPort X5 family makes it easier and more efficient for customers to monitor the operating health, performance, and location of their remote assets, as well as driver/operator behavior."

"Digi's wireless hardware and connectivity solutions make it easier for our fleet management customers to communicate with their mobile assets," said Tom Flies, Senior Vice President of Product Management, XATA Corp., a Digi fleet management partner. "Digi's expertise in wireless hardware and connectivity solutions, coupled with our industry-leading software and professional services, creates the most sophisticated fleet management solution in the industry."

ConnectPort X5 telematics devices provide flexible wide-area networking connectivity supporting cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS, VAN, and satellite functionality. Cellular and satellite connectivity provide instant, always-on communications, allowing companies to switch networks easily. Wi-Fi provides a cost-effective way to transfer less critical/time-sensitive information, such as logs, firmware upgrades, and larger files across low-cost private or public Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi can also be used to network in-vehicle or near-vehicle Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as vehicle displays and handheld mobile devices. On-board GPS enables location tracking and geo-fencing. For customers choosing the optional satellite version, the ConnectPort X5 also includes a dome enclosure that optimizes RF performance and dramatically simplifies and reduces the cost of cabling and installation.

The ConnectPort X5 family supports VANs with Digi's industry-leading XBee 802.15.4/ZigBee or point-to-multi-point 2.4 GHz radio technology. This allows users to deploy low-power sensor networks within and around the vehicle to monitor tires, reefer units, door latches, temperature sensors, cargo sensors, RFID readers, and other critical asset points. An integrated three-axis accelerometer is also included, which detects movement and driver behavior in accident conditions. The product family also features advanced power management, as well as Canbus, J1708 and J1939 support.

Additionally, ConnectPort X5 customers have access to the iDigi wireless M2M solutions bundle, which includes the hosted software and services necessary to easily configure and manage device deployments. iDigi solutions allow customers to quickly and easily extract remote asset data and transform that information into real value via the iDigi Platform. The ConnectPort X5 family is programmable in iDigi's application framework. Customized hardware and software development is also available through Digi's Spectrum Design Services.

The ConnectPort X5 family includes the brick-style ConnectPort X5 and dome/roof-mounted ConnectPort X5 Fleet. Both products are encased in rugged IP67 enclosures and are SAE1455 certified. The ConnectPort X5, ConnectPort X5 Fleet, and ConnectPort X5 Fleet with satellite are available now. For more information, visit the company's Web site.

About Digi
Digi International is making wireless M2M easy by developing reliable products and solutions to connect and securely manage local or remote electronic devices over the network or via the Web. Digi offers the highest levels of performance, flexibility, and quality and markets its products through a global network of distributors and resellers, systems integrators, and original equipment manufacturers. For more information, call 877-912-3444.

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