Development Tool Suite Profiles/Debugs ARM 64-Bit Architecture

Development Tool Suite Profiles/Debugs ARM 64-Bit Architecture

Debuting as an addition to the ecosystem for 64-bit ARM processor servers, the Forge development tool suite has the ability to master multi-process and multi-threaded Linux applications and includes the MAP profiler and DDT debugger. According to the company, the Forge development tool suite offers the full debugging and profiling capabilities that are necessary for efficient and successful deployments of ARM-based server applications. It enables the technical computing and data science domains to effectively optimize applications and achieve leading performance on systems based on Cavium's single socket 48-core and dual-socket 96-core ThunderX designs.Access to the Allinea Forge ARM 64-bit development preview is available upon registering at

Allinea Software Ltd.
Warwick, England
+44 (0)1926 623231
[email protected]

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