Development Board Interfaces MCUs To The Cloud

To accelerate connection of next-gen PIC MCU-based applications to the cloud, Microchip Technology’s Internet of Things (IoT) rapid development board for Google Cloud IoT Core combines a PIC microcontroller (MCU), CryptoAuthentication secure element IC, and a certified Wi-Fi network controller. The development board provides a viable way to connect and secure PIC MCU-based applications, removing the added time, cost, and security vulnerabilities that come with large software frameworks and Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS).


The PIC-IoT WG Development Board enables designers to add cloud connectivity to next-generation products using a free online portal. Once connected, developers can employ MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC) to develop, debug, and customize their applications. The board combines smart, connected, and secure devices to enable the connection of an eXtreme Low-Power (XLP) PIC MCU with integrated core-independent peripherals, a secure element to protect the root of trust in hardware, and Wi-Fi connectivity to Google Cloud.

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The PIC-IoT WG development board is supported by the MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and MCC rapid prototyping tool. It is compatible with more than 450 MikroElektronika Click boards that expand sensors and actuator options. Developers who purchase the kit will have access to an online portal for immediate visualization of their sensor data.


The PIC-IoT WG Development Board (AC164164) is available in volume production now for $29 each. For additional information, peruse the PIC-IoT WG Development Board datasheet, the AC164164 info page, and, if that’s not enough, watch the video below.



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