DC Motor Drivers Reduce Power Consumption In Automotive Apps

DC Motor Drivers Reduce Power Consumption In Automotive Apps

Touting low on-resistances, Toshiba’s TB9101FNG and TB9102FNG small-size brushed dc motor drivers promise to cut power consumption for in-vehicle applications. The devices are fabricated in a fine pitch BiCD process. The TB9101FNG device specifies a 0.6Ω on resistance and the TB9102FNG offers 0.5Ω. Both come in small, flat SSOP24 packages and integrate fault-detection circuits. Additionally, the TB9101FNG can drive two motors, and the TB9102FNG can drive up to six motors. Sample prices for the TB9101FNG and TB9102FNG are $1 and $1.30 each, respectively. Expect mass production in February.

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
San Jose, CA. 408-526-2400.

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