Dataforth Releases Updated Corporate Capabilities Brochure

Dataforth releases a new Corporate Capabilities Brochure presenting an overview of the company’s full line of 1200+ data acquisition and control, signal conditioning, and data communication products. The 16-page document describes key features and specifications of these rugged, high performance Instrument Class® industrial electronics, all designed to provide unparalleled isolation, accuracy and reliability.

Dataforth’s distributed data acquisition and control systems include the MAQ®20, which features integral PID loop control and is supported by both ReDAQ® Shape software for MAQ20 and the very advanced, multi-language IPEmotion software, ideal for test and measurement applications. The 8B SLX300 and the SCM5B SLX200 make up the isoLynx® line of data acquisition systems.

Dataforth’s isolated analog-to-analog signal conditioning modules include SCM5B signal conditioners, SCM7B process control signal conditioners, miniature SensorLex® 8B signal conditioners, and DSCA high performance DIN rail signal conditioners. Other product lines include DSCT loop-powered DIN rail transmitters, DSCL loop isolators, and DSCP temperature, voltage, and current transmitters. All of these products ensure efficient, cost-effective protection for industrial data acquisition and control signals and connected equipment in the control room, field, factory, laboratory, and office.

Data communication products include line drivers and converters that “harden” and protect industrial LANs and data communication systems from the electrical transients, noise, ground loops, and other hazards found in industrial environments.

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