Data Management System Marries Advanced Analytics Platform

OSIsoft announces that Caterpillar Inc. has integrated its Connected Services into Caterpillar’s Cat Asset Intelligence platform, a suite of subscription-based AI services for analyzing fuel consumption, equipment health, and other critical operations in real time. Cat Asset Intelligence services can be used to optimize the performance of diesel propulsion and generators and other equipment from multiple brands. Caterpillar also integrates OSIsoft’s Connected Services into Cat Asset Intelligence services for many land-based equipment lines as well.


Shipping companies are entering an era where fine-tuning operations will be critical for their success and sustainability. Fuel alone can be 50 percent or more of the total lifetime cost of a vessel: reducing it by even a few percentage points can mean millions in savings a year. New safety and environmental regulations, such as the International Marine Organization’s requirement that sulfur content of fuels be lowered to 0.5 percent mass/mass from 3.5 percent by 2020, will further require shipping and port operations to improve their situational awareness.

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Connected Services from OSIsoft are a selected set of cloud-based services that effectively enable hardware manufacturers, software developers and service providers to integrate PI System technology into their offerings. Used by over 65 percent of the industrial companies in the Fortune 500, OSIsoft’s PI System transforms the vast data streams from sensors and other devices into rich, real-time insights that can be used directly by individuals to save money, improve efficiency or deliver synthesized data to other applications to improve the speed and accuracy of digital services. According to the maker, over 2 billion sensor-based data streams are managed by the PI System worldwide. For more details, visit OSIsoft and Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence.

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