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CAS DataLoggers Inc.

CAS DataLoggers Inc., Chesterland, OH, has partnered with Delphin Technology to offer the LogMessage 5000 data logger that provides 16 differential analog inputs with galvanic isolation up to 650 VDC. The logger offers universal inputs that can be separately configured, standalone capability, sampling rates up to 80 sps, linearization curves for all thermocouple types, preinstalled reference points to let you connect and immediately use any thermocouple, four serial interfaces, up to 16 GB of local memory for up to 250 million measurement records, an Ethernet interface, and software for monitoring and analysis. Applications include product testing, laboratory, R&D, temperature DA, fault diagnostics at machines and plants, GPS data logging, and remote monitoring.

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Company: CAS DataLoggers Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-956-4437

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