DAQ Module Accommodates Position Sensors

Highland Technology’s model P545 is a DSP-based measurement and simulation instrument for synchro, resolver, RVDT and LVDT type magnetic rotation and position sensors. A compact benchtop/half-rack instrument with Ethernet and USB interfaces, it provides 12 independent, isolated i/o channels, each of which can be a sine wave excitation source or an input measurement channel. Each channel can be independently controlled or can be associated with other channels. High-level function blocks can be configured to simulate or acquire synchro and LVDT-type transducers.

The module measures and reports voltages and frequencies of all channels and includes effective travel limit-stop functions and forced overrides that can implement, for example, throttle lever position limits and emergency return-to-idle functions. The P545 can also be used as a 12-channel programmable sine wave source and ac voltmeter with a range from 0 to 32 VRMS and 250 Hz to 20 kHz. For greater volumes of knowledge and insights, partake of the model P545 datasheet and the P545 product page, call Highland Technology at 415-551-1700, and/or email [email protected]

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