Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensor from SICK

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The V180-2 from SICK Inc., Minneapolis, MN, is a cylindrical photoelectric sensor for product detection and machine positioning in packaging, general manufacturing automation, material handling, and warehousing systems. Sensors feature 0.5 ms response time; complementary light and dark operate outputs; sensing ranges of 100 mm, 400 mm, or 800 mm; a reflex version with a polarization filter and a sensing range of 4 m; a throughbeam version with a 20 m range; PNP and NPN versions; a smooth, flat lens to reduce the collection of dust and dirt; a bright red sender LED; and indication LEDS.

Contact Info

Company: SICK Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-325-7425
Fax: 952-941-9287

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