Customizable MCU Development Kit from Atmel

Customizable MCU Development Kit from Atmel
Atmel Corp.

Atmel Corp., San Jose, CA, offers the AT91CAP9A-DK development kit for designing and implementing DSP algorithms, custom peripherals, and additional processor cores on the company's ARM9-based customizable microcontrollers (MCUs). The MCU has a metal programmable block with the equivalent of 28 K or 56 K FPGA LUTs that can be used to implement any IP developed on an FPGA. The kit includes a motherboard with power supply connector, LCD display, and interfaces to the AT91CAP9 customizable MCU's peripherals; an FPGA with 90 logic elements, and the MCU. MCU features include USB interfaces; 10/100 Ethernet MAC; image sensor interface; I2S audio codec; CAN, LCD, MCI, SSC, PWM, TFT LCD, and AC97 controllers; SPI master and slave; 2 USARTs, three 16-bit timers; and an 8-channel 10-bit ADC.

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Company: Atmel Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 408-441-0311
Fax: 408-487-2600

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