Custom Clad Wire Improves Visibility Of Implants

Custom Clad Wire Improves Visibility Of Implants
Anomet Products Inc.

According to Anomet, its Radiopaque Clad Wires are an effective alternative to solid wires with marker bands to improve the visibility of implantable devices under fluoroscopy. Available in sizes from 0.05 mm to 1.52 mm O.D. for use with stents, guide wires, and related devices, they allow OEMs to specify the degree of visibility they require under fluoroscopy by selecting the proper radiopaque alloys and cladding thickness. Options include platinum-iridium, tantalum, tantalum-tungsten, and similar alloys metallurgically bonded to high strength wires such as 316LVM stainless steel, nitinol, and MP35N with 2% or more cladding thickness. Additionally, Radiopaque Clad Wires have a smooth, consistent finish.

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