CTL Announces Curveball Enterprise Level Internet Security

BEAVERTON, OR -- CTL announces Curveball enterprise level internet security, utilizing groundbreaking technology from Galois, Inc. Galois is a cyber-security research leader for DARPA, NASA, Homeland Security, the U.S. military and others. CTL is proud to present the Curveball solution in order to better serve our customers and protect them from the threats posed by hackers.

This innovative enterprise level internet security solution is able to detect hackers earlier than traditional methods, saving companies time and money. Hackers cost businesses more than $445 billion annually, according to a June 2014 US News and World Report. An M-Trends Report in 2014 stated that attackers can be present on a victim network for an average of 229 days before detection and are only discovered by an external source.

Curveball from CTL provides a massive, false network area for hackers to attack, without blocking legitimate traffic. This makes it incredibly difficult for hackers to find the real network. Curveball's technology can be used on both public IPs and internal IP spaces and has the ability to gather information about potential hackers. Businesses can have greater peace of mind with this solution, which produces less false positives than traditional internet security measures.

Traditional internet security often involves the use of a "honey pot," which is a server designed to attract hackers. Maintaining a honey pot requires valuable IT time and can result in false positives or delayed detection. Curveball from CTL is designed for early detection, with low false positives. Because CTL's Curveball solution utilizes multiple false servers, it is difficult for hackers to avoid, making it much more likely to detect intrusions than a single or small number of honey pots. Curveball offers a high level of security because the only running services are fake ones, on fake devices, with highly limited functionality.

CTL is offering five different Curveball packages to accommodate a variety of budgets. Pricing starts at $999 and includes hardware, a 1-year software license and 1-year hardware warranty. Businesses can customize packages to suit their needs and add an optional 3-year warranty or purchase software-only packages.

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