CSR Debuts SiRFstarV 5t Tracker

CAMBRIDGE, UK & SUNNYVALE, CA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Continuing its SiRFstarV rollout, CSR plc introduced the new SiRFstarV 5t tracker, the first SiRFstarV architecture product optimized to deliver continuous, highly accurate location awareness to the latest generation of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The quad-GNSS SiRFstarV 5t tracker is the first SiRFstarV device to offer exclusive CSR adaptive continuous tracking power management technology, which offers significant power savings for extended battery life, and also includes MEMS inputs, LTE immunity, enhanced active jammer removal, and other SiRFstarV advantages. The SiRFstarV 5t is already in use by LG Electronics for its first quad-core smartphone, the LG Optimus 4X HD, which takes advantage of the device's GLONASS support and high sensitivity.

"With GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Compass system capabilities, our new power-saving technology and the other SiRFstarV features, the SiRFstarV 5t tracker is perfect for mobile device OEMs looking to create new products that take location and navigation to the next level for an enhanced user experience," said Dave Huntingford, Director of Location Product Line Marketing at CSR. "We believe the SiRFstarV 5t again demonstrates CSR leadership in providing best-in-class location solutions that meet or exceed the demanding requirements of smartphone OEMs and operators."

Optimized for Mobile Platforms
Optimized for size- and power-constrained applications, the SiRFstarV 5t boasts a number of enhanced SiRFstarV architectural features—from quad-GNSS support and MEMS-aiding to improved sensitivity and interference rejection to small size and low BOM count—that result in significant location performance and power consumption improvements, reduced package size, easier integration, and lower-cost implementation. The SiRFstarV 5t supports A-GPS and A-GLONASS in MSA and MSB modes, and has been tested for all major carrier requirements, including SUPL1.0 and SUPL2.0, and offers improved 3GPP acquisition and tracking margins. SiRFInstantFix extended ephemeris technology for GPS and GLONASS is also supported.

Quad-GNSS Support
The SiRFstarV 5t supports all four major global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). With its 24 additional satellites, GLONASS provides a valuable augmentation to GPS and enables the SiRFstarV 5t to boost location performance, especially in urban canyons, for the most demanding applications by increasing service availability, reducing observation time, and making solutions more precise. The SiRFstarV 5t additionally supports Galileo and Compass systems, when they become available, with a software upgrade for even greater performance and ensured compliance to existing and future requirements of the world's major GNSS systems.

TricklePowerII Advanced Power Management
The SiRFstarV 5t introduces CSR's exclusive TricklePowerII technology, an improved intelligent power management system that can deliver significant power savings compared with other location solutions for continuous 1 Hz navigation. TricklePowerII continually measures the strength of the available satellite signals and dynamically adjusts the chip's power consumption to just the right amount to achieve optimal location performance without wasting power.

MEMS Support Enhancements
With many new mobile devices, including MEMS sensors, the SiRFstarV 5t is able to utilize data from these sensors to improve navigation accuracy and reduce power.

LTE Radio Signal Immunity
The SiRFstarV 5t has been designed from the ground up to provide superior immunity to interference from LTE (long-term evolution) radio signals, giving mobile device manufacturers confidence in its ability to coexist in their designs with LTE. Coexistence of LTE with GPS, GLONASS, and other GNSS signals is critical for continuous location awareness and use of location-based services, and CSR has implemented a number of mechanisms to boost immunity to LTE interference in the SiRFstarV 5t to ensure the most satisfying user experience.

Active Jammer Removal
The SiRFstarV 5t also includes improved active jammer removal, a unique CSR technology first introduced with the SiRFstarIV architecture, which improves location performance by continually tracking and eliminating radio interference from as many as eight sources, a critical requirement when GNSS devices are in close proximity to other electrically noisy devices like those found in a mobile handset.

"Because of its MEMS-aiding and active jammer removal technologies, the SiRFstarV 5t is demonstrably superior to other solutions for providing continuous location awareness for smartphones and other mobile devices," said Blake Bullock, Location Product Line Manager at CSR. "Combined with its GLONASS support and high sensitivity, this CSR device offers a compelling, high-performance location solution."

The complete CSR solution includes SiRFNav software running on the host CPU to calculate the precise position, velocity, and time and provide complete control of GNSS operation, including navigation, assistance, and nav-aiding. The solution requires minimal OS-dependent host system loading during tracking, simplifying system integration, and supports a wide variety of CPUs and operating systems.

Availability and Pricing
The SiRFstarV 5t quad-GNSS tracker product (part number: CSRG05TA03-ICJE-R) is available now in production quantities. Please contact CSR for pricing information.

About CSR
CSR is a global provider of innovative silicon and software solutions for the location-aware, media-rich, cloud-connected world. Its platforms are optimized for the automotive navigation and infotainment, digital cameras and imaging, connected home infotainment, and wireless audio markets. It provides solutions to complex problems in the audio-visual, connectivity, and location technology domains, across a broad range of markets, with a technology portfolio that includes GPS/GNSS systems, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, FM, NFC, aptX, and CVCTM audio codecs; JPEG; MPEG; H.264 imaging; PDL printing; microcontrollers; DSPs; and broadband receivers. CSR's technology solutions and market platforms enable its customers to deliver a superior user experience and are adopted by leaders in the auto, computer, home, and mobile markets. Keep up to date with CSR on its blog, YouTube, or follow it on Twitter.

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