Crypto Slang, Use It Or Lose It

The crypto world offers the chance to engage in online communities for cryptocurrency in general and those for specific coin types. Bitcointalk forums and social-media groups are open for crypto crankers to discuss news, investment strategies, and other pleasantries. If one wants to participate, one must be able to talk the talk.


For a head start on the talking part, here are ten of the most common crypto terms you can access, assess, and use to impress. 

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  1. HODL: It comes from a blog post published during Bitcoin’s crash in 2013. And when prices collapse and one is tempted to sell, just keep HODL-ing.
  2. Moon: When a coin is expected to rally dramatically, it is said to be heading ‘to the moon’. A coin is said to be “mooning” when it’s price experiencing such a spike.
  3. Lambo: the vehicle-of-choice for the crypto investor once one or more coins finally reach the moon. Participants ask whether such-and-such coin will enable them to buy a Lambo in the future.
  4. FUD: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, a tactic used to induce investors into selling their coins.
  5. DYOR: good advice, Do Your Own Research
  6. Whale: In the crypto ‘ocean’, a whale owns a significant proportion of a coin’s circulating supply, and can then use this holding to influence the price to his or her advantage.
  7. BTFD: Buy The ***king Dip, given as advice to investors when the market is in a downturn and a coin looks cheap to buy.
  8. FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out.
  9. Bag Holder: An investor who holds crypto that is decreasing in value and has little future prospect for recovery.
  10. Pump and Dump: Co-ordinated scheme to collectively buy a coin in order to boost its price (the ‘pump’). The participants sell the coin while it is pumped for a profit. As selling continues the price crashes (the ‘dump’). 

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