CrateDB SQL Database Puts IoT and Machine Data to Work

SAN FRANCISCO, CA --- announces general availability of CrateDB 1.0, an open source SQL database that enables real-time analytics for machine data applications. CrateDB makes machine data applications that were previously only possible using NoSQL solutions available to mainstream SQL developers. The company also announced today that it has opened a new world headquarters in San Francisco, adding to its existing presence in Berlin, Germany and Dornbirn, Austria.

Downloaded more than one million times since its introduction in 2014, CrateDB combines the familiarity of SQL with the versatility of search and the ease of scalability of containers. It provides an alternative to existing analytic datastores including Splunk.

Key Differentiators

CrateDB’s unique capabilities are enabled by the following innovations:

•Distributed SQL query engine for faster JOINs, aggregations, and ad-hoc queries
Columnar field caches and a fully distributed query planner enable CrateDB to perform complex queries in real time and overcome many of the performance and flexibility limitations of first-generation distributed SQL databases.
•SQL with integrated search for data and query versatility
CrateDB is a unique combination of SQL and search technology, which enables a wide range of analytics, including machine learning and predictive analytics, on time series, full text, JSON, geospatial, and other structured and unstructured data without having to use different database engines to do so.
•Container architecture and automatic data sharding for simple scaling
Database scalability is vital for handling variations in machine data volume, but this is normally difficult to do. CrateDB can run as a cluster of containers, which enables it to be scaled easily with Docker, Kubernetes, or Mesos container platforms. In addition, CrateDB automatically shards and redistributes data across the cluster as it changes size to optimize performance and high availability.

New in CrateDB 1.0

The newest release of CrateDB includes improvements in performance, ease of use, and SQL completeness:
• Support for outer JOINs and sub-queries
• Conditional and trigonometric functions
• Schema and metadata discovery interfaces
• Faster INSERT performance
• Read-only nodes
• Support for the PostgreSQL wire protocol for easier integration

CrateDB is available immediately from and is open source under the Apache 2.0 license. For more information, visit

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