Controller Simplifies LCD Monitor Production

Controller Simplifies LCD Monitor Production

The SVX-4096-120 120-Hz 4K Ultra-HD LCD controller promises to reduce parts cost, assembly time, and space requirements in the manufacture of commercial and industrial 4K Ultra-HD monitors and display systems. Using one component part instead of three separate parts, the controller is designed for 4K Ultra-HD LCD panels and supports both 8- and 16-lane V-by-One connectivity channels (60Hz and 120Hz connections.) It also supports motion smoothing and image flip together with an extensive command set over Ethernet and RS-232.
Other features include HDMI 2.0/1.4, Displayport 1.2 and DVI Dual Link inputs with board mounted industry standard input connectors. The SVX-4096-120 is supported by a wide selection of panel connection cables and other accessories together with system development documentation, including 3D drawings. For more info, go to

Digital View Inc.
Morgan Hill, CA

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