Contrast Sensors from IDEC

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IDEC Corp.

The Datalogic Automation TL46 sensors distributed by IDEC Corp., Sunnyvale, CA, are offered in basic, standard, and enhanced versions. TL46-W basic sensors have 1 set pushbutton and 2 LEDS to indicate the output status and sensor acquisition condition. The standard TL46-WL has 3 pushbuttons; 4 LEDS for output status, sensor acquisition condition, and delay output activation; a bar graph for manual setting of the threshold; and a 20 kHz switching frequency. The enhanced TL46-WLF has a 4-digit display for setting advanced functions such as dynamic acquisition of the contrast mark and has a 30 kHz switching frequency. All sensors offer PNP/NPN configurable outputs, analog output, and remote settings.

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Company: IDEC Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-262-4332
Fax: 408-745-5258

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