Continuuity Updates Developer Suite

PALO ALTO, CA /Marketwired/ -- Continuuity, creator of Continuuity Reactor, the "industry's first scale-out application server for Apache Hadoop," announced the addition of batch processing to their Big Data application platform. The latest Developer Suite release (version 1.7) will integrate MapReduce into the platform and allow developers to run real-time and batch workloads on a single cluster over shared datasets.

The capability will be available in the next update of Continuuity Developer Suite, slated for release in July.

The Developer Suite update will also include an expanded set of example applications. These new templates accelerate application development by providing developers with end-to-end implementations of common Big Data applications: streaming real-time analytics, targeting and personalization, and anomaly detection.

"Providing Java developers with the ability to easily build and run batch and real-time workloads on a single Hadoop cluster with a unified API opens up possibilities for building a new class of applications. Instead of being limited to traditional batch workloads, developers can add real-time streaming capabilities to have the most current data reflected in their apps," said Jonathan Gray, CEO and co-founder of Continuuity. "Additionally, with the availability of new application templates, developers will be able to quickly grasp the concepts of application development."

The latest version of the Continuuity Developer Suite will allow Java developers to establish a baseline of information with batch processing that can be continually augmented and served-up in real time. This will give developers the ability to create applications that always reflect the latest data and behaviors to deliver increased business value. Developers will be able to easily create apps for building and serving user profiles from web logs, spotting and acting on anomalies in streams of sensor data, and providing dynamic dashboards and analytics over batches and streams of log data.

In addition, Developer Suite will include enhanced metrics and logging for application diagnosis and debugging, as well as improved tools and documentation.

About Continuuity
Continuuity makes it easy for any Java developer to build, deploy, scale, and manage Apache Hadoop and HBase applications in the cloud or on-premise. Continuuity Reactor, its flagship product, is the industry's first scale-out application server and development suite for Hadoop. Based in Palo Alto, CA, the company is backed by leading investors, including Battery Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and Ignition Partners. The team has built and operated some of the largest Big Data apps in the world.

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