Contactless Current Sensor from Melexis

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The MLX91206 from Melexis, Concord, NH, is a customer-programmable monolithic sensor IC using the company's Triaxis Hall technology that allows you to build small, economical current sensor systems with fast response times. The chip directly monitors the current flowing in an external conductor, such as a bus bar or PCB track; there is no upper limit to the measurable current level because the output level depends on the conductor size and distance from the sensor. Features include overvoltage and reverse voltage protection, broken-track diagnostics, and an output selectable between analog and PWM. Applications include automotive, renewable power conversion, power supplies, motor control, and overload protection.

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Company: Melexis
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 603-204-2909
Fax: 603-204-1207

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