Configurable MEMS Accelerometer from Kionix

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Kionix Inc.

The 3 by 3 by 0.9 mm KXCNL from Kionix Inc., Ithaca, NY, is a configurable MEMS accelerometer with dual state machines to let you dynamically program the device for numerous applications. The dual state machines let the device simultaneously run multiple applications at the chip level, lessening processing load of the main applications processor and conserving power. Features include user-selectable 2 g, 4 g, 6, g, and 8 g ranges; user-programmable ODR; 2–250 µA current consumption; high temperature, shock, and post-reflow stability; support for I2C high, fast, and standard speed; operating voltage of 1.7–3.6 V; an internal voltage regulator; and self-test. The company provides a library of prewritten state programs and customers can also write their own.

Contact Info

Company: Kionix Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 607-257-1080
Fax: 607-257-1146

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