Compact PCB Radar Sensor Is A Range Reporter

OmniPreSense Corporation’s debuts its first frequency modulated constant wave (FMCW) radar sensor capable of providing range reports for multiple objects in its field of view. The board can detect objects from 1m to 20m away with a range resolution down to 7.5cm.


Like the company’s OPS241-A Doppler radar, the OPS241-B is a complete single-board radar sensor. It can report people at distances up to 8m, cars at 15m, and buildings or the ground as far as 20m away. It communicates the range data over either a USB or UART interface.

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Designed as an Arduino shield board, it can be easily plugged into an Arduino or connected to a Raspberry Pi to quickly report range information. Multiple targets are reported over its 78° wide field of view.  Applications for the OPS241-B include robotics, drones, and traffic monitoring systems. Drones can use the sensor for either collision avoidance or soft landings. In robotic applications, the OPS241-B can help robots detect and avoid obstacles. For more details, visit OmniPreSense Corporation.

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