Compact MXK-F219 Boosts Size-to-Performance Ratio Compared to Previous Models

OAKLAND, CA -- Zhone Technologies, Inc. introduces the MXK-F219, an aggregation platform that supports fiber-based triple play services in a compact chassis that is 86 percent smaller than previous MXK-F models. The MXK-F219 is designed to support up to 160 Gigabits per second (Gbps) of network interface capacity.

Designed on the same architecture as the first two MXK-F14xx chassis introduced in October 2015, the MXK-F219 platform is built for advanced optical networks and designed to support bandwidth-hungry services but in a smaller footprint. MXK-F14xx models measure 14 rack units (RU), whereas the MXK-F219 measures 2 RU. The MXK-F219 has redundant pluggable AC power supplies so there is no need for the additional rectifier equipment that is required for larger MXK-F platforms, further reducing the required rack space making it an ideal solution for enterprise environments. The new platform also supports the same services as the MXK-F14xx chassis, including Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON), Active Ethernet, XG(S)PON and NGPON2 services.

The MXK-F219 supports two line cards and mounts in a 19-inch rack, offering customers a more cost-effective, lower-density solution than previous MXK-F models. The model can support up to 128-splits per Optical Line Terminal (OLT) port, and more than 4,000 Optical Network Terminals (ONT). Additionally, in FiberLAN applications, one MXK-F219 chassis can support up to 16,000 Ethernet ports.

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