Compact Mid-Voltage MOSFETs Optimize Power Use

Compact Mid-Voltage MOSFETs Optimize Power Use

Targeting tight-quarter designs and products, the FDMC86261P 150V and the FDMC86139P 100V P-channel MOSFETs promise to reduce footprint while achieving high switching speeds and low power consumption. Both devices tout a switching performance figure of merit (FOM) of 67% better than comparable MOSFETs and they come in 3 mm x 3 mm MLPs. They also claim to specify the lowest RDS(ON) available in their footprint. Prices for the FDMC86261P and FDMC86139P are $0.80 and $0.68 each/1,000, respectively. Datasheets are available at and

Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.
San Jose, CA

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