Compact Digital Compasses from OceanServer

Compact Digital Compasses from OceanServer
OceanServer Technology Inc.

OS5000 3-axis solid-state digital compasses from OceanServer Technology Inc., Fall River, MA, are 1 in. square and offer a range of connection options for OEMs. The devices incorporate triaxial magnetic sensors and triaxial accelerometers to provide 0.5° nominal accuracy, 0.1° resolution, ±180° roll, ±90° tilt, and electronically gimbaled tilt compensation. Features include an ASCII interface, hard- and soft-iron calibration, user-configurable data formatting, a data update rate up to 40 Hz, a 50 MIPs processor, 24-bit ADC, programmable baud rate, and <20 mA power consumption when operating from 3.3 V.

Contact Info

Company: OceanServer Technology Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 508-678-0550, x-103
Fax: 508-678-0552

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