Color Mark Sensor from EMX Industries

Color Mark Sensor from EMX Industries
EMX Industries Inc.

The CMYX color mark sensor from EMX Industries Inc., Cleveland, OH, has a 25 µs operating speed and can detect 0.5 mm PHARMA-CODE packaging control marks at speeds of 2000 fpm. The sensor can also detect standard-sized color marks at speeds >10,000 fpm and its high-contrast sensitivity allows it to reliably detect faint marks, even 10% yellow on a glossy white background. The sensor operates at 40 kHz with a round light spot <0.5 mm dia., allowing it to detect color marks smaller than 2 mm. Other features include 2-digit display of background and color mark values, automatic pnp or npn configuration on power-up, and variable light-source intensity.

Contact Info

Company: EMX Industries Inc.
Phone number: 800-426-9912
Fax: 216-518-9884

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