Color Line-Scan Cameras from JAI

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JAI Inc.

The LT-200CL industrial-grade color line-scan camera with high color accuracy from JAI Inc., San Jose, CA, is suitable for use in demanding vision applications such as fruit and vegetable sorting, 2D/3D print inspection, wood inspection, and surface inspection of flat panels and paint coatings. The camera uses a light beam splitter and three 2048-pixel CMOS sensors to simultaneously capture the red, green, and blue spectral bands in 3 separate channels, through the same optical path, and with co-site sampling accuracy. It can run at scan rates up to 30,383 lines/s via an 80 MHz data clock. Features include various pixel readout modes, built-in preprocessing functions, one-push automatic white balance, noise reduction function, a test pattern generator, and a Camera Link interface.

Contact Info

Company: JAI Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-445-5444
Fax: 408-383-0301

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