Collaboration Exploits Power Of Industry 4.0

One of the primary themes of Sensors Midwest is industrial applications, with a particular focus on Industry 4.0 concepts. That focus is more than justified in light of events such as Orange Business Services and Microsoft collaborating to deliver large-scale, end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that boost the digital processes of companies in the manufacturing sector. In this case, the plan is for enterprises to use the Orange modular IoT solution, Datavenue, with a fortifying hand from Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite to transition to Industry 4.0.


Companies can enlist the expertise of Orange and Microsoft for data protection and data management. They can leverage Orange’s many IoT connectivity options such as LoRa in particular. Apps range from supply chain and smart inventory management to digital operations.

Fierce AI Week

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Advances in AI and Machine Learning are adding an unprecedented level of intelligence to everything through capabilities such as speech processing and image & facial recognition. An essential event for design engineers and AI professionals, Engineering AI sessions during Fierce AI Week explore some of the most innovative real-world applications today, the technological advances that are accelerating adoption of AI and Machine Learning, and what the future holds for this game-changing technology.


With Datavenue, Orange offers a comprehensive set of products and services to securely manage IoT projects and their integration with information systems by providing certified connected devices best suited to the project’s use cases, connectivity solutions (cellular 3G and 4G, LoRa, LTE M), a device and data management platform, and extensive expertise to manage the project from conception to implementation, i.e., consulting, development, data protection, integration, data analysis, maintenance, etc. Datavenue offers over 700 experts working on data and IoT projects, 14 million connected devices managed by Orange, and the capacity to handle over 160 million items of technical data per minute.


Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite offers a software environment to facilitate setting up and scaling large device and data management projects. In order to accelerate the roll out of industrial projects, Azure IoT Suite provides pre-packaged solutions and allows companies to swiftly get familiar with the set-up and explore the most common IoT project scenarios, i.e., remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, connected factory. The Azure environment allows the use of advanced solutions such as Cortana Intelligence Suite (advanced analytics and AI), Power BI (data visualization), and Mobile Apps (Xamarin) to ensure a reliable mobile user experience.


You can also learn more about topics and initiatives in the manufacturing and Industrial 4.0 arenas at Sensors Midwest. For example, you should attend the IIoT University taking place on Tuesday, October 3. Hosted by the Embedded Computing Design, this full-day workshop will teach design engineers the latest techniques for designing industrial systems that not only communicate with the outside world, but can make intelligent decisions based on the analytics derived from those systems. Industrial IoT University sessions target embedded and IoT engineers developing, securing, and deploying industrial systems connected to the Internet of Things in the smart factory and automation, smart cities, smart agriculture, and other critical infrastructure markets.


Also, check out other related sessions on the Sensors Midwest Schedule – come, learn and innovate. ~MD

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