CMOS Image Tester from Jova Solutions

CMOS Image Tester from Jova Solutions
Jova Solutions

Jova Solutions, San Francisco, CA, offers the ISL-3200 CMOS image sensor test and measurement system. Features include integrated hardware and software with prewritten analysis and characterization routines; field reprogrammable FPGA; ability to accommodate different image sensors through adapter boards; low-noise design; PCI Express interface with a 200 MBps effective data rate; support for high-speed serial devices through an adapter board; support for image sensors up to 64 Megapixels; 12/24-bit ADC for voltage measurement; I2C, SPI, and UART sensor communication capabilities; image data rate of up to 16-bit wide/pixel at 100 MHz; and support for analog output sensors with custom circuitry.

Contact Info

Company: Jova Solutions
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 415-348-1400, x-111

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