CME Implements RF Code’s RFID Technology

AUSTIN, TX /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- RF Code Inc. announced that the CME Group, the "world's leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace," installed RF Code's wire-free environmental solution. The RF Code solution, which leverages active RFID technology to provide real-time environmental monitoring of data center facilities, is made up of active tags and readers that capture and then transmit environmental data to a central management software application. The software provides a visual documentation of environmental issues, as well as the ability to run customized reports, alerts, and more.

Right now, CME Group has deployed more than 3500 temperature/humidity sensors in its production data center and co-location facility, as well as in other data center locations. In addition, CME Group will also deploy RF Code door contact sensors to track the entry/exit of its Performance Optimized Data Centers and one-of-a-kind thin film fluid detection sensors underneath the floor and around CRAC units.

More than 428,000 sq. ft., the data center, in early 2012, will also house a state-of-the-art co-location facility. The solution will enable CME Group personnel to view any and all global environmental events from a single dashboard in their local offices and their Technology Operations Control Center at 20 South Wacker in Chicago.

"CME Group is noted for its foresight in implementing emerging technologies that provide real impact to a business," said Mitch Medford, CEO, RF Code. "We are pleased to have such an organization as one of our top customers. Their reputation as a technology leader and innovator is a de facto stamp of approval that newer, wire-free solutions are bringing the future to today's most modern data centers."

About RF Code
RF Code Inc. is a leading provider of active IT asset management and environmental monitoring solutions, as well as a leader in providing technology used by third parties to enhance their solutions. The company's unique active RFID-based solutions provide IT professionals with a more efficient, cost-effective approach to managing IT assets and keeping technology environments in an optimal state. RF Code's fully automated, wire-free solutions significantly reduce costs, eliminate manual labor, and deliver an immediate return on investment.

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