cloudKleyer as New Technology Partner of Infotecs

GERMANY --- Infotecs, the high-security provider, gets a new technology partner in the cloud computing field – cloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH. Together, the companies will develop a solution to store the data securely in the cloud and provide secure access to data archives.

Cloud computing is no longer considered a new trend. However, many companies still don't trust the cloud-based data storage and processing. Although cloud applications are often used in the private sector without any misgivings, they are too often rejected in a business context due to high risk concerns. The fear to lose control over critical and sensitive business data is of first importance here. Not only third parties can get access to the data but, in the worst case scenario, the data can be lost completely.

From now on, Infotecs will be cooperating with cloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH to develop a highly secure solution to transfer the business data into the cloud. The solution will be provided as a service; it will allow lowering the infrastructure costs considerably. Besides, cloudKleyer will provide the necessary resources to ensure access to the company’s data in the cloud. The colocation, cloud and Internet service provider from Frankfurt am Main provides companies of any size in any branch of industry with a robust and very flexible IT infrastructure by offering a hybrid Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform. Great emphasis is put on the "Made in Germany" label; German data protection guidelines are strictly observed. Along with IaaS and Software-as-a-Service solutions, the key competence areas of cloudKleyer are Network as a Service, Storage as a Service, Backup as a Service, Colocation, SDH Interconnects (over 250 carriers in Frankfurt), Ethernet Interconnects and IPX solutions (switch partitioning, VoiP2VoiP-VoiP2TDM solutions).

As an IT security provider, Infotecs will encrypt data traffic in the common solution using specially preconfigured security gateways that are deployed on the customer side. With these smart gateways, local offices in other locations can easily and quickly connect to the company's network and get access to the corporate data in the cloud without having to change the existing network infrastructure. Along with significant lowering of configuration efforts, the cost advantage is one of the main points of integration of the solution developed by the two companies. Infotecs’ hardware and software solution is based on the highly secure ViPNet technology that provides direct point-to-point connections based on the symmetrical key management. With ViPNet, man-in-the-middle and insider attacks can be completely avoided.

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