ClimateMinder Helps Growers Combat Water Shortages

TUJUNGA, CA /PRNewswire/ -- California growers, facing the worst water shortage in the state's history, are turning to ClimateMinder for Open Fields, a next-generation self-adapting wireless system that provides real-time monitoring, control, and management of water use for open-field agriculture.

Developed by ClimateMinder, the system uses an intelligent, fail-safe mesh network of wireless sensors and controllers that can be installed quickly and cost-effectively throughout an entire field, orchard, or vineyard. The wireless mesh feature means there is no need to deploy a PC in field facilities or wires between sensor nodes or controller nodes. Management and control is accomplished through cloud-based software-as-a-service, which is accessible anywhere through an Internet-connected computer or mobile device.

ClimateMinder for Open Fields, was created originally for drought-stricken growers in Turkey, and has been used by more than 30 farms and greenhouses worldwide over the past two years. ClimateMinder consists of three technologies: GrowFlex, a patent-pending seamless hardware and software integration for 24/7 monitoring and control; GrowMobile, a unique mobile handset application; and ClimateMinder Server, a secure server that provides management and connectivity.

"There is an $11 billion water bond proposed to fix California's water supply problems, but growers are still pressed to find a solution that gives them answers today," said Bulut Ersavas, ClimateMinder CEO. "ClimateMinder helps growers save water, driving higher yields, quality, and profits for their crops. It enables growers to optimize growth patterns, increasing their productivity and product quality, while shortening the time to market. Our technology is ideal for growers with high-value crops, such as strawberries and other berries, avocados, and grapes."

Additionally, growers benefit from ClimateMinder's affordable service model, which includes free hardware with basic or premium support plans. The system is easily installed and maintained, with no local PC required because the data is stored remotely in the cloud.

"We opened offices in California because of its impressive agriculture commodities," Ersavas said. "Considering that the state produces more than $26 billion in crops each year, it's easy to see that growers need ClimateMinder to ensure their crops don't suffer ill effects of the drought. Our system ensures that growers are utilizing the best management of their water supplies, increasing the value of their crops, and decreasing the amount of wasted water simultaneously."

About ClimateMinder
Founded in 2005, ClimateMinder creates complete wireless sensor–controller network solutions for maximizing agriculture productivity and profits. Its products include ClimateMinder for Open Fields, an integrated solution for open-field agriculture; ClimateMinder for Greenhouses, an integrated solution for greenhouse irrigation, water optimization, and climate control; and ClimateMinder for Research. The company has received the GrowTech Eurasia Innovation Award in December 2008.

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