CEVA and Orca Collaborate

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA /PRNewswire/ -- CEVA Inc., a leading licensor of silicon intellectual property (SIP) platform solutions and DSP cores, announced a collaboration with Orca Systems Inc., a leading provider of highly integrated radio frequency (RF) and modem technology, to offer a complete reference design platform for Bluetooth 4.0. The combined offering integrates Orca's Bluetooth radio with CEVA's Bluetooth 4.0 baseband and software stack IP for a low-cost, complete licensable solution ideal for integration into mobile computing and consumer electronic devices. For additional flexibility, Orca's Bluetooth radio is available both as IP and as discrete chip or die.

Bluetooth 4.0 is the latest generation Bluetooth standard and the new Low Energy protocol within this specification is proving to be the biggest innovation in the Bluetooth market in many years. As a result, Bluetooth 4.0 is creating new high-volume markets in low-power peripheral products for consumer, healthcare, medical, and sporting applications.

Aviv Malinovitch, Vice President of Operations at CEVA, stated: "With the firm adoption of Bluetooth 4.0 by leading smartphone and tablet vendors, there is an abundance of companies looking to integrate Bluetooth 4.0 into their next silicon. CEVA has a strong reputation and proven track record for Bluetooth IP for many years, and through our partnership with Orca, we can offer our customers a complete Bluetooth reference design for those who lack radio technology or wish to accelerate their own radio development."

"We are delighted to partner with CEVA to address the Bluetooth 4.0 market," said Guruswami Sridharan, founder and CEO of Orca Systems. "By combining Orca's Bluetooth RF and modem IP with CEVA's baseband and software stack, we can quickly accelerate customer's chip developments for both single-mode and dual-mode applications in this exciting market."

CEVA and Orca will demonstrate the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology in CEVA's and Orca's meeting suites at CES 2013, January 8–11, 2013, in Las Vegas. Orca will be located in LVH Hospitality Suite 2450 in the Las Vegas Hotel. To request a demonstration at the event, email [email protected].

About CEVA-Bluetooth 4.0 IP
CEVA-Bluetooth 4.0 IP consists of RTL baseband hardware coupled with an ANSI C software stack. Designed for flexibility, portability, and configurability, it is ideal for integration into a wide range of embedded applications. The IP has fully-gated clock operation for low power and employs standard interfaces such as AMBA (for the processor hardware interface) and BlueRF (for the radio hardware interface). It is available as a single-mode IP package in which a die-efficient Bluetooth Low Energy solution is provided and also as a dual-mode IP package whereby the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol is combined with Classic Bluetooth. CEVA-Bluetooth 4.0.SM is aimed at Bluetooth Smart products such as keyboards, body-wear sensor products for medical and sports, toys, and environment sensors. CEVA-Bluetooth 4.0.DM is primarily aimed at next-generation, multi-radio connectivity chips for Bluetooth Smart Ready products (e.g., smartphones, tablets, and other mobile computing platforms). See the company's Web site for further details on CEVA-Bluetooth and also CEVA's solutions for Wi-Fi 802.11ac and GNSS.

About Orca-Bluetooth Radio IP
Orca's Bluetooth Radio IP provides the RF and modem functions for both Classic and Low Energy Bluetooth. Available as a discrete chip or die and as IP for on-die integration, the Bluetooth Radio builds on Orca's revolutionary DSP?RF platform to provide efficient silicon area, low power, and exceptional radio performance. The process-portable nature of the IP allows customers to leverage future process geometry shrinks in their product roadmap.

About CEVA
CEVA Inc. is a leading licensor of SIP DSP cores and platform solutions for the mobile, portable, and consumer electronics markets. CEVA's IP portfolio includes comprehensive technologies for cellular baseband (2G/3G/4G), multimedia (computer vision, image enhancements, and HD audio), voice over packet, Bluetooth, Serial Attached SCSI, and Serial ATA. In 2011, CEVA's IP was shipped in over 1 billion devices and powers handsets from every top handset OEM, including Nokia, Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, Huawei, and ZTE. Today, more than 40% of handsets shipped worldwide are powered by a CEVA DSP core. Follow CEVA on Twitter.

About Orca Systems
Orca Systems Inc. is a technology company specializing in leading-edge wireless semiconductor IP and chip design, implementing radio systems with innovative digital architectures. Orca's patented DSP?RF technology enables the use of digital circuits for RF and mixed-signal designs in sub?micron CMOS process technology. Orca is headquartered in Poway, CA, and has a development office in Bangalore, India.

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