CEITEC Chooses 8051 IP From CAST for Embedded Security Controller Platform

WOODCLIFF LAKE, NJ -- CEITEC S.A. has chosen an 8051-compatible microcontroller IP core from intellectual property provider CAST, Inc. for its new embedded security controller platform. CEITEC S.A. in Brazil is a state-owned firm well-known for producing advanced radio frequency identification chips for tracking animals, vehicles, blood products, and more, as well as for developing and manufacturing custom application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). Their requirements for a new security controller include a processor offering sufficient performance with very low power consumption, easy code development and system integration, and very low overall risk.

The CAST R8051XC2 IP Core is a fast, 8-bit, MCS®51-compatible microcontroller with a rich set of configurable peripherals and interfaces. It runs 12.1 times the speed of the original 8051, needs just 5,500 gates for its CPU, and works with a full development ecosystem including on-chip debug, programming tools, reference design boards, and more. Built on a fourth generation of code, the R8051XC2 is mature and has been used successfully by scores of customers in hundreds of thousands of shipping product units.

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