Capacitive Proximity Switch from Lion Precision

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Lion Precision

The CPA100 from Lion Precision, St. Paul, MN, is suited for basic position monitoring, including production line part sorting; double-sheet detection in printers; and monitoring processes involving nonconductive materials such as films, fabrics, and applied coatings. The device has a setpoint (switched) output to indicate presence/absence like a typical proximity switch but its nonlinear analog output is capable of resolutions down to 15 nm RMS. Features include 0.03% F.S. RMS resolution at mid-range at 15 kHz (typ.); 15 kHz bandwidth; a range of probes for standard measurement ranges from 0.05–6 mm; user-adjustable offset and gain; and sync connectors that allow interference-free use of multiple sensors with the same target. A front panel range indicator alerts the operator to out-of-range conditions.

Contact Info

Company: Lion Precision
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 651-484-6544
Fax: 651-484-6824

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