Candlestick Sensor from Advanced Thermal Solutions

Candlestick Sensor from Advanced Thermal Solutions
Advanced Thermal Solutions Inc.

The MS 1000-CS-WC from Advanced Thermal Solutions Inc., Norwood, MA, is a candlestick-design sensor that measures both temperature and air velocity for characterizing thermal conditions in electronic systems. Sensors are calibrated for low- (natural convection) and high-velocity flows and are capable of measuring temperature from –30°C to 150°C 1°C and velocity from 0–51 m/s ±2%. The sensor base is 9.5 mm dia. and heights are 9, 12, or 20 mm. The device has a narrow profile and a flexible, plastic-sleeved stem and you can install multiple sensors to map a system's thermal and airflow conditions.

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Company: Advanced Thermal Solutions Inc.
Phone number: 781-769-2800

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