CalAmp Debuts Mobile Asset Management Service

OXNARD, CA /Marketwired/ -- CalAmp, a leading provider of wireless products, services, and solutions, announced the addition of Motorized Asset Management to its industry-leading FleetOutlook suite of mobile resource management services.

In addition to tracking and managing vehicles and trailers, FleetOutlook is now ideally suited for managing an assortment of motorized assets, including construction equipment, heavy machinery, warehouse machines, and other high-value equipment. The user-friendly, Web-based application allows new and used equipment dealers, rental companies, contractors, construction firms, mining companies, and other motorized equipment operators to reliably locate and manage their assets from a single, easy-to-use application.

The innovative system combines powerful asset tracking devices with energy-efficient communications technology to precisely pinpoint and communicate the location of tractors, earthmovers, containers, portable generators, and other moveable construction and transportation equipment wherever located. Integrated 3-axis accelerometers can be used to detect and communicate motion, while asset sensors and systems can be linked with the device to communicate critical information, such as engine status and other user-defined asset data.

Distinguished by its ease of deployment and low cost of operation, the new FleetOutlook Motorized Asset Management service is highly configurable, allowing operational personnel to set their own decision rules, geo-fences, events, and restrictions. The exceptions-based monitoring and reporting system streamlines operations and lets managers know exactly where and how their remote equipment is functioning, providing real-time, vital, actionable information to optimize the performance, maintenance, and productivity of these assets.

"As a proven solution for better mobile asset management, FleetOutlook gives managers greater control over their high-value remote assets, driving improvements in efficiency and productivity. As an asset protection system, FleetOutlook knows where those assets are at all times, alerting managers when equipment has moved or gone missing. Now, with Motorized Asset Management, FleetOutlook provides a single, consolidated view of any and all assets in the fleet. This is an essential capability for any enterprise whose business relies on the ready availability and peak performance of a mixed set of vehicles and fixed-remote or mobile equipment," said Mike Zachan, Senior Vice President and General Manager of CalAmp's Wireless Networks business.

About CalAmp
CalAmp is a proven leader in providing wireless communications solutions to a broad array of vertical market applications and customers. CalAmp's extensive portfolio of intelligent communications devices, robust and scalable cloud service platform, and targeted software applications streamline otherwise complex machine-to-machine deployments. These solutions enable customers to optimize their operations by collecting, monitoring, and efficiently reporting business-critical data and desired intelligence from high-value remote assets.

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